Return an order you already received.

  • We have a very clear and prominent policy on return of product that is already dispatched to you. You can return any order which is received by you and claim your refund.
How to return an order
  • Go to my account click on orders and see your order no. on the orders list. You will find a refund button against your order if it is dispatched to you. Just click refund and you did it. Hey ! Don’t forgot to mention the reason you refunded. You will receive a mail with your order refund request is approved or rejected.
How to get refund for a returned order
  • If your refund request is approved by, which normally takes one business day you will get a mail with a subject that says your order refund request is approved. you will get a packing instruction and the address to which you should return the package.
  • If you return the order, you will have an option to choose where you want the refund money back, in your bank account from where it was deducted at the time of checkout or in your wallet for your future transaction. Just mention that information and that’s it.
You will get refund within one business day on returned orders.